Electronic claim filing

Advancements in technology today places the world at our finger tips. Our electronic filing system allows you to focus on your patients and receive payments in a timely fashion. We believe by providing physicians with elite billing services they're able to spend quality time caring for patients. Which is the real reward! 


Increase patient focus by outsourcing all or part of your billing allowing the patient to receive the benefit of having their healthcare provider's full attention and you, the provider, remaining focus on your patient. We'll handle the complexity of billing. 

  • Cost efficient billing solutions. 

  • Free up staff from internal billing issues & errors 

  • Grow patient volume 

  • Increase revenue



Staying on top of insurance and patient billing can become a timely task! At Metro Health we strive on the relationships we've built not only with the different insurance carriers but our clients as well. Our team is dedicated to managing the collection process every step of the way and measuring your success. 

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